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Cambridge Photographer

Business headshots & corporate portraits

Professional corporate headshot photography and business portraits, ideal for company websites & LinkedIn profiles. Prices from £175...

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Headshots, staff photos and business portraits for websites and marketing from an experienced Cambridge photographer

Studio setup in your location

I bring my studio setup including professional lighting and a backdrop to your place of work. For headshots we require a space approx 4m x 4m, often using your office boardroom.

Relaxed portrait session

We keep the session relaxed to make the very best of your portraits. Your staff have the chance to view their images during the session to ensure they are happy with their headshot.

Edited images ready to go

The delivered images are optimised for web and print. We typically supply 3 sympathetically edited final images per person. Black and white versions are also available free of charge.

Headshot photography pricing

Prices for headshots in Cambridge start at just £175 .

£175 basic package fee

£175 basic package fee includes studio setup at your preferred location and headshots for 5 employees. Set up usually takes around 20 minutes. Choose whether you'd prefer studio-style, business environment or a customised background.

£20 per person

If you need portraits for more than 5 employees, then headshots are priced at £20 per person. So for example for 10 employees the cost would be £275 and for 20 employees it's £475. The fee includes 3 professionally edited final images per person.

Bespoke quote

If you're a sole trader and are looking for a headshot or lifestyle portraits for your business marketing then get in touch for a bespoke quote. As a guide, individual sessions start at £175 and include on-location lighting and at least 20 final images.

See studio style or environmental portraits below


Studio-style headshots

Professional Lighting

We use a mix of studio lights and softboxes to create flattering and engaging lighting for your headshots

Clear White Background

Studio-style headshots have a distraction-free bright white background to work well on any website

Environmental business portraits

Expert Lighting

We set up professional lighting using studio strobes and a range of softboxes to create flattering light in any environment

Corporate Background

We can find the best locations in your work space to provide great backgrounds for your professional portraits

Customised backgrounds

Add colour to your headshots

Choose a coloured background to help your headshots stand out and tie in with your brand colours

Customise your background

We can create a custom background using coloured filters on our lighting or with a bespoke backdrop

Looking for a Cambridge headshot photographer?

I can help with your staff headshots and corporate portraits