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Creative and experienced Primary School photographer

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Primary School photographer

Hi, I'm Ben and I'm an experienced and creative Primary School photographer. I produce vibrant and engaging images for prospectuses, websites and school marketing material. I work with dozens of schools every year to update their image library and help set them apart from the competition. I'm based near Cambridge and work across East Anglia, the Midlands, London and the South East.

Enhanced DBS check

I have an Enhanced DBS check certificate which I carry as a digital copy and can be shared with your school office.


I have been a professional photographer since 2006 and have helped hundreds of schools enhance their imagery.

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Natural & engaging school prospectus photography

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Capturing the essence of your school

It’s important we plan the session to create a wide variety of images to showcase your school. There’s lots of different subjects, settings, activities and values to capture. Whether it’s reading, writing or arithmetic; science, sport or socialising, we need time to incorporate all the elements that complete the picture of life in your school. Click the images below to view a few ideas to incorporate when planning your photography. These are a few suggestions or commonly occurring themes, but of course every school is different and we can cater to your curriculum.


General learning

It's great to capture a variety of natural and posed photos in a typical classroom environment. These photos work well across any year group, and showcase happy and engaged children in a nourishing learning environment.
primary school photographer


Library & reading

Plan some time with a group of children in your school library. We can create a range of photos showing children enjoying reading and excited by literature. It's also worthwhile capturing some images of one-to-one reading with a staff member or reading buddy, whether in the library or classroom environment.

Maths & numeracy

Fun with numbers

Make sure we include various age groups engaging with maths and numeracy. You can use a variety of props including number blocks, coloured counters, white boards, clocks and other learning aids to help make the session fun and eye catching.
primary school photographer


Creative learning

Set up at least one class to take part in an art lesson. Whether it is colourful painting, creative collages, chalk, charcoal, pastel, clay sculpture or junk modelling, it's important to show the artistic side of your school curriculum.
primary school photographer

Computer science

Laptops & iPads

Consider including photos of your computer and technology provision. Whether it's children working on a computer alone, one-to-one support with a teacher, working in pairs on a Chromebook or laptop, or engaged with an iPad or tablet. There's lots of learning settings that can also be paired with technology provision photos.
primary school photographer


Exploring the sciences

We can set up activities to show the scientific side of your curriculum. You may have various apparatus to make use of, such as microscopes, test tubes or simple electric circuits. If you want to take the science session outdoor, then you could set up some pond dipping or bug hunt activities.


Fun with instruments

Either arrange for one class to be partaking in a music lesson, or select a number of children to come along to your music room or practice space to be photographed enjoying learning their instrument. Perhaps you have a school band or orchestra who could be assembled to highlight the range of musical talent in your school.


PE & Games

Showcase the sporting provision in your school by capturing at least one PE lesson. We can utilise a wide variety of your sporting equipment to show the variety on offer. Perhaps set up a range of activities such as a few children playing football, tennis, relay races, netball or cricket. For indoor activities we can use the school gym equipment and this is either a great wet weather alternative or an addition to the field sports.
primary school photographer

Friendship & play

Break time fun

Friendship and socialising is an important aspect of life in school, and can make for some wonderfully engaging and positive images. I aim to capture a variety of natural and posed photos showing friends having fun and the joy of school. Whether it's simply a group of friends together, games in the playground or climbing on equipment such as the school trim trail.
primary school photographer

Performing arts

Drama & dance

Perhaps consider staging some photos to show the performing arts provision of your school. Whether it's a dress rehearsal, drama lesson, dance club or full on school production, they always make for great photos to show the creative spectrum of your school.
primary school photographer


Lunch clubs & after school

Lots of schools offer extra curricular activities, whether they are lunch time clubs or part of after school provision. It could be a chess club, music group or after school fun activities. Whatever is on offer, it's important to show how broad the curriculum is in your school.
primary school photographer

Outside learning

Lessons in the open air

Lots of schools find value in taking some lessons outside. Whether the lessons focus on learning about the natural environment - such as a bug hunt, plant survey or weather recording - or just for a change of scene, it's useful to show how your school grounds can be used.

Other considerations

When preparing for your Primary School photographer visit please ensure that full parental permissions for photography are checked, that a list of permissions is available and individual class teachers are aware of any potential issues.

Classrooms and learning environments to be captured should be prepared to minimise unnecessary clutter and school displays should be neat and vibrant.

When planning your Primary School photographer visit ensure that the day doesn't clash with any disruptive events such as school trips or non-uniform days.

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Primary School photographer pricing

All my prices include travel within 30 miles of CB24 4RP. For locations further than this reasonable travel fees will be applied.

Per hour


/1 hour
  • Up to 1 hour photography on location
  • Approximately 2 hours post production and editing
  • Digital transfer of print resolution and web-optimised image files
  • Travel within 30 miles of CB24 4RP (beyond this travel fees may be added)

Half day


/3 hours
  • Up to 3 hours photography on location
  • Approximately 4 hours post production and editing
  • Digital transfer of print resolution and web-optimised image files
  • Travel within 30 miles of CB24 4RP (beyond this travel fees may be added)

Full day


/6 hours
  • Up to 6 hours photography on location
  • Approximately 8 hours post production and editing
  • Digital transfer of print resolution and web-optimised image files
  • Travel within 30 miles of CB24 4RP (beyond this travel fees may be added)


I’m based in Swavesey, a village just outside Cambridge, but work with schools all over East Anglia, the Midlands and South East. If you’re looking to update your photography or are putting together your first school prospectus please get in touch to find out how we can work together.


Ways to contact me

Mobile: 07515 776526
Email: [email protected]


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