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peterborough product photographer

Last week I was contacted by a business owner who required a Peterborough product photographer. I was asked to create images of  her products which she sells through giant online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. The brief was fairly straightforward: capturing the products on a bright white background, as is the standard for e-commerce. The most challenging aspect was that some of the products were white and better at reflecting light than the white paper backdrop, so it can be difficult to keep them visible on a bright white background! I used various Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to set the backdrop to pure white while maintaining lots of detail on the products. This business is also looking to sell on sites like and so requires a Peterborough product photographer to produce lifestyle images with the products in an aspirational real life setting. There wasn’t time to do this within the half day booking and so this is something that will be planned out over the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for a Peterborough product photographer to help you market your business and boost your online sales then please get in touch. I offer my photography services by the hour, half day or full day – rather than by item photographed. To find out more about my product photography work take a look at my Product and Lifestyle photography webpage.
peterborough product photographer

peterborough product photographerpeterborough product photographerpeterborough product photographer
peterborough product photographerpeterborough product photographer