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I was contacted by the owner of a holiday accomodation site as they were looking for a property photographer near Peterborough to produce a set of images for their website revamp. The brief was to produce a variety of pictures that showcase the interior and exterior of the holiday property which is often booked by families for a weeks leisure and relaxation.¬†Although in many ways winter isn’t the best time of year for this kind of photography as the light isn’t as warm, the sun doesn’t get as high or strong and the foliage is a bit brown, this time of year has its advantages too as the lack of leaves can help get a clearer view of the property when it’s surrounded by trees. Here’s a selection of images from the job, and hopefully I’ll return in the summer to capture the outdoor facilities in use. If you’re looking for a property photographer then please get in touch, I have experience working with high end estate agents and offer very competitive rates.

property photographerproperty photographerproperty photographer